Peach Mojitos

There is nothing that says summer more than peaches and party is a mojito in your glass. These taste like summer in every sip!


  • 45 ripe peaches pitted and chopped
  • 8 limes (1 zested and the rest juiced to make about 1 cup of lime juice)
  • ½ cup honey
  • ½ cup packed mint leaves
  • 2 cups light rum (local favorite Hard Truth Hills White Rum)
  • 4 cups chilled soda water
  • Ice
  • Additional mint sprigs for garnish


  1. Zest 1 lime and juice all 8 limes. Add peaches, honey, lime zest, lime juice to a blender and blend until smooth. Using a fine mesh strainer, press the puree through with a rubber spatula into a bowl. Discard any solids.
  2. Add the rum to a large pitcher, smack each mint sprig before adding it to the pitcher (this helps to release the aromatics). Muddle the mint with a wooden spoon or muddler, stir in the peach puree to combine (can be made up to 1 day ahead).
  3. At time of serving, stir in the soda water and serve over ice with an additional mint sprig for garnish.