Yoga teacher
Mom(of four)
on a mission

I'm Jessica:

Raised by passionate foodies, I was shown the power of food, movement and quality family time from a young age. However, teaching yoga for years unveiled a truth. After hearing countless women struggle to create “me time”...

The heart-breaking realization hit:

As a mom of 4 and having overcome eating disorders, I want to give you hope. I am living proof that you can finally slow down and accept who you are. There is an aligned balance between your identity as a woman and parent.

Most women feel too overwhelmed to nourish their minds, bodies and passions.

I went from real estate to getting real on women’s health

For years, I was incredibly hard on myself, I—

Worked in real estate (I was one of the youngest people in the USA to become a Certified Commercial Investment Manager) 

Was hyper-critical of my body, which led to eating disorders in my 20s 

Pushed myself in hard exercise classes, always trying to prove I was strong and “enough” 

If I’ve been able to find a slower pace of life, true body acceptance and daily peace, any woman can. 

I am a certified yogi, like very certified

I am a two-time certified yoga instructor through
the Yoga Alliance. 

Child’s pose has power, but women came to me again and again asking to go deeper. They weren’t taking 5 minutes to meditate at home. They weren’t savoring breakfast. They saw cooking as a chore. 

In short, my clients felt stressed out as f***. 

That is why I want to share all of this information with YOU on my podcast, in my blog, and on social! 

WHEN I founded a yoga studio,
the truth hit: 

Tree Pose wasn’t enough...
women needed more 

In 1 year, I gave birth and rebirthed through yoga

The journey to yoga was unexpected, like a surprise package on your doorstep.
I’d just had my first daughter and was re-discovering my identity, As a mom, I’m sure you understand. 

Hot yoga showed me the power of flowing, both on the mat and in real life. It showed me I could be a parent and still have time to nourish myself. 

The more I connected back with my body, the more I was able to: 

Be an energetic example to my kids
Slow down, to *ironically* speed up in reaching goals 
Find joy in daily life, with a newfound patience
(even with my hubby)